Stuffed French Toast

What you'll need:

Texas Toast (about 8 slices or more)

2 Eggs

2 TBS. milk

2 tsp. sugar

16 slices of thin deli ham

4-8 0z. softened cream cheese.

Beat 2 eggs w/ 2 TBS milk and 2 tsp sugar. Spread 1 side of each Texas Toast bread slice with 1 TBS cream cheese. Top with ham slices. Seal sandwiches by pressing edges together. Dip in egg mixture and cook 2 minutes each side. Serve w/ syrup. YUM…

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Becky said...

Made this without the ham, turned out much better than the baked french toast recipe I tried last week. I made a caramel using (approx) 1/2 stick butter, 1/2 c brown sugar, 2-4 Tbs maple sugar. Heat (I used the microwave) until smooth, drizzle on top. Good stuff!