To Blog About It or Not

I decided I'm going to post random stuff about things in the kitchen. I just bought the new Glad Press'n Seal, it's awesome. A happy medium for those challenged with choosing between plastic wrap or using aluminum foil. This stuff is great.

Even though this has nothing to do with food, since you have to clean the kitchen, does anyone have any recommendations for a mop? I swear I have bought 6 mops in the last year, and they have all been pieces of junk. I was thinking about a steam mop. Thoughts?


Becky said...

Since I have CARPET in my kitchen, I know little about mops and their quality (can't wait for hardwood!). My cousin had a steam mop though, and she loved it.

Maxfield Family said...

oooo becky! tell me about the steam mop. I've been in the market for one. Do you know what brand she had?

we used to have a carpeted kitchen. I feel for you!

The Kentucky Bakers said...

Heidi- I bought a steam shark steam mop and I LOVE it! I have hard wood mostly and tile in the bathrooms. It runs 80 bucks at Target and it is totally worth it. (I love infomercials) and I originally saw it there, but then saw that you could purchase it at Target and bought it up. It takes care of any mess! And the best part is is that you throw the pad right in the wash for the next time.