Publishing a Recipe Book

Hello faithful recipe readers. Just wanted to let you know I'm working with my church on "whipping up" (ha ha, get it?) a published recipe book. It's going to have over 300 recipes and will be full of fabulous recipes in all categories, including some favorites of yours truly. If you want one...let me know. We're placing orders over the next couple weeks. The cost will be $9 buckaroos. Plus shipping if you don't live in Louisville, KY. Shoot me an email to heidisrecipes@hotmail.com if you're interested. I can't order any more once we place our order so just wanted to give a shout out now!

How's that for shameless self promotion?


best cook in the fam said...

hmmm..I maybe want one. Ask me next time we talk

Maxfield Family said...

best cook in the fam? is your other name booter?

Becky said...

I think I want one. I'll try to remember to email you.